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*Even Yehuda

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Tal Aizik

Instruction: Private Lessons

Tel: 09-899-8883









Tal Aizik
Tal Aizik is the youngest son of Commando Krav Maga Founder and Chief Instructor, Moni Aizik. Following in his father’s successful footsteps, Tal began his martial arts training at the early age of 6 and by 9 had won several major Judo tournaments against older opponents. With a natural ability for grappling, Tal also trained in Jiu Jitsu when he reached his teenage years.

Tal’s martial arts interests extended beyond grappling as he took Muay Thai lessons and eventually started boxing training by the time he was 13. Inheriting his father’s physical attributes, Tal grew to be bigger and stronger than his peers by the time he reached his 15th birthday. It was at this time that Tal’s interest in reality-based self defense started to develop.

Training under Moni Aizik, Tal’s talent in Commando Krav Maga started to flourish and he eventually took the CKM Instructor Certification course. In spite of his young age, Tal scored the highest marks during his Instructor Certification exam and came first in his class of adult instructors. Tal is the youngest certified CKM Instructor in the world and is determined to continue developing his CKM abilities. In the future, this CKM prodigy is looking to fill his father’s big shoes!


*Reshon Lezion
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Nati Nati

Instruction: Public Classes
Tel: 03- 945-2236

Cell: 057-500-6644









Personal student of moni for the past 30 years.
Black Belt in Judo
Former heavy weight champion of Israel








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