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T.O.P (Total Officer Protection) Considered by many experts to be the most evolved and effective hand-to-hand combat system, designed for Law enforcement & security personnel with emphasis on control, restraint & close quarter fighting.

Start your T.O.P training today by joining CKM T.O.P university online!

Become a respected certified T.O.P instructor and earn an official diploma.

Teach the officers/Security personnel to effectively subdue the suspect with appropriate use of force while keeping personal safety in mind. Make good money doing what you love! 

Example of part-time Instructors earnings:

Estimates based on part-time instructor teaching only 2 classes per week. 

  • 25 Students x $100/Mo   = $2,500   monthly, $30,000   yearly
  • 50 Students x $100/Mo   = $5,000   monthly, $60,000   yearly
  • 100 Students x $100/Mo = $10,000 monthly, $120,000 yearly


  • World Recognized Certification
  • Prestigious Instructor’s Diploma
  • Comprehensive and modern curriculum
  • Ongoing business support with unlimited access to our TOP Marketing resource center including: Posters, Student Certificate, TOP Logos and even Artwork to design your club t-shirts.
  • Ongoing technical, operational & marketing support
  • Free enhancement bootcamps for certified instructors


Enroll to the TOP university online by choosing our best value yearly membership & get an immediate access to our TOP level 1

Find a dedicated training partner, train the video lessons and master:

  • The comprehensive curriculum in the TOP Tactical Training includes:
  • Restraint & Control Tactics
  • Escorting Uncooperative Suspects
  • Handcuffing Techniques
  • Baton Tactics
  • Control & Search a Suspect
  • Putting Resistant Suspect in a Car
  • Weapon Retention
  • Handgun Disarming
  • Long Gun Disarming
  • Retrained and arrest tactics with and without the use of handcuffs
  • Vicious Knife Attacks
  • and more!
  1. After 12 months of training (twice a week) you will be eligible to join one of our world wide T.O.P bootcamp at a discounted price where you can be tested and become an official T.O.P certified instructor!

* In a rare occasions when you can not attend one of our world wide bootcamps (not in your country etc…) you can contact our headquarters and request another testing arrangement.


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