CKM Military taught in two ways:

  1. Customized training for government, military, law enforcement & commercial customers across the globe. to request a consultation please email us:
  2. The Essential CKM Military Bootcamp is a 4 days of intensive 12 – 15 hours daily (60 hours) of training. You will learn the most essential military hand to hand combat, tactical & weapons drills. for the list of the Essential Military bootcamps click here.

The Essential CKM Military Bootcamps are for Men, Women 25 years and older, active and non active: Military, Law Enforcement, Security & Commando Krav Maga Instructors. If you are not part of this list, you can request to participate by emailing us your information to:

The participants can take this bootcamp to become a certified CKM Military Instructor or to take it for Self Improvement. After submitting the application online, you will go through a phone interview. At the end of the interview, we will let you know if you are accepted.

The Essential CKM Military Bootcamp is very demanding physically & mentally!

Be ready to train 4 days 12 -15 hours a day.

The Essential CKM Military bootcamp is extremely demanding physically and mentally, make sure to be in top shape. Just to be clear, we focus in the bootcamp mainly on thechniques & tactics, so mentally you should be reay to stay focus for 12-15 hours daily. 

For Customized training we use: live fire, simulation and dry.

When we teach The Essential CKM Military Level 1 bootcamp, we will use simulation & dry, pending on the country laws, we will also use live fire.

Absolutely! if you would like to challenge yourself and go through one of the most Intensive bootcamp in the world, you will learn and gain an extensive knowledge. At the end of the bootcamp you will receive a prestiges Self Improvement CKM Military diploma.

Yes, Accommodation is not included in the bootcamp price.

If you can not attend the bootcamp, you can join free of charge to any other Essential CKM Military bootcamps world wide (whithin one year of your original bootcamp date).

If you come for Self Improvement, testing is not necessary. however if your intention is to become a CKM Military Instructor and you did not pass the test, you can rejoin to any other CKM Military bootcamps and get a 50% discount. After retraining you will be tested again.

The price for the Essential CKM Military Bootcamp is only $1299 US dollars. Since the Bootcamp is 4 days of 12-15 hours a day training (60 hours). That breaks down to only $22 an hour for this essential militray training, which adds up to an incredible value.

Payment can be done via: Visa, MaserCard, PayPal & Bank Transfer

For more information email us:

You can apply online by clicking on this link

After receiving your application, you will go through a personal  phone interview. At the end of the interview we will let you know if you are accepted, and than you can arrange your payment.

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