CKM Military

CKM Military

Combat-Ready Military Training

Prepare for the Modern Battlefield

CKM Military considered by many experts to be the most evolved and effective CQB hand to hand & tactical combat system.

CKM Military program founded by Moni Aizik, a former Commando of the Israeli Special Forces, and later evolved with Guillaume Vetier, an Ex TIER 1 Operator Level and CKM Elite Team Instructor. CKM Military has been taught around the world to many unites including; the Israeli Army, U.S. Air Force, Canadian Special Forces, Jamaican Special Forces, and many more…

The CKM Military is a custom-tailored program designed specifically for each individual military unit. all tactics and techniques are designed based on the level of combat exposure that the unit may encounter in the field.

With its no-nonsense approach and straightforward practical moves, CKM Military prepares you to execute your mission effectively under the extreme pressure of any conflict.

CKM Military is the Ultimate reality-based system, engineered for the most brutal and vicious close quarter’s confrontations imaginable.

Become the ultimate soldier with CKM Military. 

How to Learn CKM Military

Immersive Training

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Customized Training

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