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CKM Super Bootcamp Curacao

Super Bootcamp Curacao 2023



Imagine a getaway that goes beyond the ordinary, where adventure and self-improvement converge in the most stunning of settings. Welcome to the ultimate experience: the CKM Super Bootcamp in the picturesque haven of Curaçao. Nestled in the Southern Caribbean, Curaçao beckons with its idyllic landscapes, only a short flight away from various corners of the world.

This isn’t just any vacation; it’s a chance to become a skilled warrior while basking in the tropical splendor of Curaçao. The island’s year-round sunshine, perfect temperatures, and the sheer beauty of the region make it a true paradise. And here’s the best part – you can merge this dream vacation with an opportunity to acquire a lifelong skill that transcends ordinary limits.

  • Elevate yourself in record time through our program, an avant-garde system tailored for street survival. Whether you’re a novice or have martial arts experience, our inclusive approach ensures everyone can join. Under the guidance of our revered Founder and Chief Instructor Moni Aizik, and his Elite Team Instructors, you’ll master gun disarming, knife defense, choke escapes, and more, all within an empowering and reality-based environment.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. We present a diverse range of bootcamps for men & women (from 16-76 years old) designed to suit any interests.

Commando Krav Maga Bootcamp Fast, Simple, as real as it gets, preparing you for any street confrontation.

Smart Safe Bootcamp A revolutionary self defense that empowers women all over the world.

CKM Super Kid Bootcamp  The Evolution & Modern Self Defense for kids against bullies & predators.

CKM Military Bootcamp Engineered for the most brutal and vicious close-quarter confrontations.

In the heart of this breathtaking island, the CKM Super Bootcamp offers you the chance to choose one or more of these transformative courses. You can choose to take any bootcamp for self improvement purposes or to start the journey to become a certified instructor.Your days will be filled with the thrill of learning, self-discovery, and personal growth, all set against the backdrop of Curaçao’s enchanting vistas.

Don’t let this remarkable opportunity pass you by. Enroll now, and witness your transformation into a skilled warrior who’s not only capable of defending themselves but also saving lives. Become the hero you’ve always aspired to be, all while enjoying an unforgettable vacation in the paradise of Curaçao. Your journey to empowerment and relaxation starts here.

One location, four courses (you can choose up to two courses)

Commando Krav Maga - CKM

The fastest way to acquire the skill that can save your life!
Nov 30- Dec 3, 2023 - 4 days

Smart Safe

The breakthrough system that empowers & protect women around the world!
Dec 4-6, 2023 - 3 days

CKM Super Kid

The Modern Self Defense for kids For men/women who wants to teach/mentor kids
Dec 4-6 2023 - 3 days

CKM Military

Engineered for the most brutal and vicious close-quarter confrontations
Dec 4-7, 2023 - 4 days

Take action today with two simple steps:

1. Apply online to the Bootcamp you desire (no obligation).

2. We will contact you for a short interview and give you all the information you need (how to prepare, accommodation & more).

* Please note the bootcamp price is only $890 US dollars (excluding accommodation).

Limited Space Available!

Our regular bootcamp price is $1955 US dollars, however, the Super Bootcamp price is now only $890 US dollars,                                                                            * Due to high demand & limited space, this is offer is time limited.  

Acceptable forms of payment are: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or bank transfer. The balance must be paid in full before attending the camp.,

CKM Founder and Chief Instructor, Moni Aizik, has extensive experience and expertise in training Elite Commando Units and Law Enforcement Personnel from around the world to be highly effective and battle ready in the shortest amount of time. Moni designed the CKM Intensive Bootcamps with these same concepts, principles and unique training methodology. During the course, you will be transformed into a skillful and knowledge-able CKM Instructor/Self improvement. But remember, even after success-fully becoming a certified CKM Instructor/Self improvement, you will need to keep training to maintain and improve your skills. One of the best ways is to practice with others is using the CKM University Online. As a CKM affiliate, you will also have the privilege to participate in free enhancement bootcamps worldwide to repeat your level.

With the growing demand for reality-based fighting, CKM has become the number one reality-based system in the world. With its no-nonsense, practical and evolved approach, CKM is quickly spreading over the globe in several continents. The CKM system is based on simplicity and effectiveness with a logical progression from level to level. CKM caters to the needs of both men and women. Not only will you be able to defend yourself in dangerous situations, you will also get into much better shape physically & mentally. This course is excellent for anyone that wants to teach CKM or for those that want it for personal knowledge.
Combat Survival Institute is the headquarters for 6 programs.

We offer Bootcamps to certify instructors in these programs. It’s not required that you certify in any order. You can pick and choose programs that suit your needs and desires to teach.

Most participants are between 25 and 60 years old. However the minimum age required to attend bootcamp is 18.
Yes and yes! Many women attend CKM Bootcamps! 
The Bootcamp experience is 10-12 hours daily–with video presentations, lecture, drills and techniques.
As the course is physically and mentally demanding, it is highly recommended that you prepare yourself prior to attending Bootcamp. Bootcamp is focused mainly on techniques & tactics so your main challenge is to keep your concentration and stay mentally strong.

People who joined us come from all walks of life with or without prior krav maga or martial arts experience. It is most important that students come with an open mind and are ready to adapt to new concepts and principles. It is equally important that new instructors are passionate about passing their knowledge onto others.

CKM is a system based upon simplicity and effectiveness. The techniques taught at the course must be thoroughly practiced in order to maintain your skill and knowledge. The first Intensive Instructor course is for the foundation level. By attaining your certification of accomplishment in this level, you have the foundation to build upon. In order to receive your instructor certificate you will be required to self train all the techniques you learned for 3 months (assisted by the CKM University Online) and then retest in-person (or via video presentation) to the Elite Team Instructor. Upon approval you will receive your prestigious Instructor Certification Diploma directly from Combat Survival Headquarters.

  1. Understanding of CKM History, Theory Tactics, Concepts & Principles and Philosophy.
  2. Dynamic Break-falls.
  3. Effectively conduct a class.
  4. Demonstrate all techniques for the level they are certifying (from right and left sides).
  5. Ability to react effectively to random surprise attacks for 7 minutes on equal or larger size attackers.
After a minimum 3 months of training you will be welcomed to join any other CKM Worldwide Bootcamps, at no cost, and retake the test.

Absolutely! Participants that successfully pass the intensive Bootcamp are not required to teach. Many people take the course for self improvement.

However, should you decide to teach, you will have to pass the final exam and then you will get the support you need from CKM headquarters.

There is more than enough material to teach over the course of a year.

For example, in CKM Bootcamp you are going to learn over 80 techniques & tactics in CKM foundation level (program levels 1 & 2). CKM students training with a certified instructor normally take a minimum of 8 months to complete Level 1 (based on training twice a week). Level 2 will take about 1 year to complete after completing level 1.

Our entire system is based on quality control. Certified instructors are asked to maintain and improve upon their CKM skills and one of the best tool is University Online, which will allow them to review all the fine details of the techniques prior to training and teaching. Because of this, the only requirement is to be part of the CKM University Online (as low as $35 a month), other than that there are no licensing fees, grading fees or any other hidden fees.

Accommodations are not included in the Bootcamp price.

Normally there are many hotels/other accommodation near the training facility with affordable prices.

Participants are encouraged to make plans to arrive the day before Bootcamp begins and check out the day after to ensure that you are fully rested and prepared.

No worries! If you can’t attend for any reason, you will have one year to reschedule, free of charge, to any of our other world wide bootcamps.

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