Terms & Conditions

  1. I’m over 18 years of age and I am physically and mentally capable to take the CKM Bootcamp
  2. I, the applicant, have no criminal record and authorize CKM International headquarters or Combat Survival Inc. to conduct a criminal background check before I am accepted.
  3. I understand that the entire CKM system is based on quality control. As a Certified instructor I will be required to maintain and improve upon my CKM skills. One of the best tools is the CKM University Online which will allow me to review all the fine details of the techniques prior to training and teaching. I understand that this is a requirement for me as an Instructor to join the CKM University Online as low as $35/month (CKM affiliation). Other then that there are no licensing fees, grading fees or any other hidden fees.
  4. I understand that if I’m accepted I will be paying with this registration a special discount price of only $890 for the CKM Bootcamp, I also understand that this fee is non-refundable, however I will be allowed to reschedule free of charge to another CKM bootcamp within a 1-year period.
  5. In the event that I am unable to attend or did not pass the final test (instructors only), I will be allowed to reschedule to another CKM bootcamp, free of charge, for the same level within a 1-year period.
  6. Upon successful completion of the bootcamp and joining the CKM University online, I will be required to self train all the techniques I learned at the bootcamp for 3 months (assisted by the CKM University Online) and then submit my video presentation to the Elite Team Instructor. Upon his approval I will receive a prestigious Instructor Certification Diploma directly from Combat Survival Headquarters.

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