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The Ultimate in Functional Fitness

Everyone wants to be physically healthy and strong. There are countless exercise programs available, each promising unbelievable results with minimal effort.

We take a different approach. Our Elite Combat Fitness program blends real world self-defense techniques with functional fitness exercises to help people reach their fitness goals. Elite Combat Fitness isn’t easy, but it is effective and fun. ECF users are strong and prepared for whatever life throws at them.

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How to Learn Elite Combat Fitness

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Techniques & Tactics

Get into the best shape of your life with the new and revolutionary ELITE COMBAT FITNESS (ECF) training system. Elite Combat Fitness is a fusion of Olympic and Mixed Martial Arts training drills combined with modern military routines used by elite commandos to provide YOU with the ultimate total body workout. 
  • From beginner to advanced
  • 20-30 minutes per day
  • Work out alone or with a friend
  • Core + Cardio = the Ultimate Total Workout
  • Build confidence while changing your body
  • Get in better shape in just weeks

Developed by Moni Aizik, a former member of the Israeli Special Forces and founder of Commando Krav Maga, the fastest growing reality-based fighting system in the world, Elite Combat Fitness is designed to take you to your next level of conditioning. 

Moni has taken his lifetime of knowledge, training expertise and experience in the science of sports, and made them available to you in the QUICK FIT Library which includes 6 high quality videos.
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