T.O.P (Law Enforcement)

Start Date: 10/03/2019 - 10/06/2019
Duration: 4 days

Location: Amsterdam, , Netherlands

Advance techniques & Tactics for Law Enforcement & security personnel

T.O.P (Total Officer Protection) – CKM Law Enforcement

Over the course of three, intense, 10-hour days youíll learn in a safe environment the T.O.P comprehensive & modern curriculum including: Restraint, Control, Handcuffing, Gun Disarming, Vicious Knife Attacks, Violent Strangulation, Ground Survival, Fast and Brutal Striking Scenarios, Pressure Points, Violent Headlocks, Surprise Attacks, Escape from Unexpected Street-Holds, Improvised Weapons, Pre- and Post-Confrontation Tactics, Extreme Conflict Mindset & Psychology, and more!
You will get highly detailed instructions from a professional T.O.P Elite Team Instructors.

Prepare to save your life and protect your community!

You can choose to take the bootcamp to become a certified T.O.P. instructor or take it for self improvement.
If this is your first bootcamp please choose T.O.P. level 1 (foundation Level).

Career Opportunity

Become a T.O.P Instructor and earn a prestigious official Diploma, Teach the fastest growing reality based system in the world, help save lives & increase your income! Teach part time, full time or private lessons. Make good money doing what you love Read More

Offered at this Bootcamp

  • T.O.P. Level 1 – foundation level (if this is your first bootcamp)


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between taking the course for self improvement and instructor certification?
By attending for self improvement you will learn how to defend yourself and your loved-ones while improving your self-confidence and personal fitness! Designed specifically for people who want to learn but without a desire to teach the system. You will receive the complete intensive training and instruction without a final test requirement.

Attending for instructor certification has all the same benefits however upon successful final test you will be authorized to teach the fastest growing reality based system in the world! By becoming a certified CKM instructor, you will help save lives AND increase your income potential. You can add the most modern and evolved reality based system to your school OR teach private lessons for a premium. Make good money doing what you love!

What are the benefits of becoming a certified CKM instructor?
We value our instructors.

    Our goal is to provide free ample training in order to enhance your achieved level, after completing your bootcamp you will have one year FREE OF CHARGE unlimited CKM boot camps (for the same level you achieved) that you can attend (prior booking required)
  2. World Recognized Certification!
  3. Prestigious CKM Instructor Diploma!
  4. Comprehensive and modern training curriculum!
  5. Profile listed on our official International Commando Krav Maga website
  6. Highly professional teaching skills and methodology!
  7. The opportunity to make money immediately!
  8. Ongoing operational support (telephone or email)
  10. If you have been accepted to the bootcamp but unable to attend the assigned bootcamp you have the option to rebook FREE of charge within 12 months.

If this is your first bootcamp after you submit the application you will be contacted to go through a phone interview with our Founder & Chief Instructor, Moni Aizik.


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