T.O.P – Law Enforcement Bootcamp

T.O.P – Law Enforcement Bootcamp

Start Date: 07/31/2023 - 08/02/2023
Duration: 3 days

Location: Miami, Florida, United States

Advance techniques & Tactics for Law Enforcement & security personnel

T.O.P (Total Officer Protection) – CKM Law Enforcement

Over the course of three, intense, 10-hour days you’ll learn in a safe environment the T.O.P comprehensive & modern curriculum including: Restraint, Control, Handcuffing, Gun Disarming, Vicious Knife Attacks, Violent Strangulation, Ground Survival, Fast and Brutal Striking Scenarios, Pressure Points, Violent Headlocks, Surprise Attacks, Escape from Unexpected Street-Holds, Improvised Weapons, Pre- and Post-Confrontation Tactics, Extreme Conflict Mindset & Psychology, and more!
You will get highly detailed instructions from a professional T.O.P Elite Team Instructors.

Prepare to save your life and protect your community!

You can choose to take the bootcamp to become a certified T.O.P. instructor or take it for self improvement.
If this is your first bootcamp please choose T.O.P. level 1 (foundation Level).

Career Opportunity

Become a T.O.P Instructor and earn a prestigious official Diploma, Teach the fastest growing reality based system in the world, help save lives & increase your income! Teach part time, full time or private lessons. Make good money doing what you love Read More

Offered at this Bootcamp

  • T.O.P. Level 1 – foundation level (if this is your first bootcamp)
  • T.O.P Level 2 & 3 – for people who completed successfully the foundation level.


Online bookings are not available for this event.

T.O.P – Law Enforcement Bootcamp
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