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 The only certified & authorized Commando Krav Maga (CKM) instructors in your area are in the list below,
Please note for any other instructor that claims to be certified to teach Commando Krav Maga in your area and he is not on this list please contact us for confirmation, tel: international1-305-320-1324 US & Canada 1-800-408-9218 or email: linda@commandokravmaga.com



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Keith Lane

Instruction: Public Classes & Private Lessons

Website: www.facebook.com/fiveelementsfitness


Tel: 325-374-3255


E-Mail: fiveelementsfitness@yahoo.com


Keith Lane

  • Head Instructor at R2F: Urban Survival
  • 13+ years of experience in Martial Arts (TSD, Kickboxing, Boxing)


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Gilbert Pineda

Instruction Public Classes

Club:Combat Fitness, LLC

Tel: 956-504-5425 325-374-3255

E-Mail: combatfitness@gmail.com

Gilbert Pineda

  • 30 years experience in Kuk Sool Won martial arts
  • Currently 3rd degree black belt
  • Certified level 1 and 2 in CKM February of 2011



El Paso TX - Temuchin Tafoya - Level 8

Brownsville TX - Gilbert Pineda - Level 2

Brownsville TX - Raul Sosa - Level 2

Brownsville TX - Jose Ayala - Level 2

Fort Worth, TX - Jeff Gruschow - Level 2

Arlington,TX - Brad Pirtle - Level 2

San Angelo TX - Keith Lane - Level 2


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