Introducing CKM FIT…A revolutionary lifestyle system that has people just like you climbing physical and mental walls to capture elusive goals and new personal bests in both fitness and life. Embark with us on a daily exploration that will forever change the way you see yourself from the inside out.

Founded by ex-Israeli Special Forces Commando and world renowned coach, Moni Aizik. CKM FIT is more lifestyle than exercise program. It is an ideology that combines positive mindset, healthy dietary choices, and functional physical training built around real-world bio-mechanical movements to prepare you for whatever challenges life throws your way.

CKM FIT focuses on functional exercises that prepare the body for specific tasks needed for everyday life, competition, or combative situations. It places a premium on measurable progress in power and intensity through time-based performance related to your specific objectives and individual level of fitness without the use of elaborate machines.

CKM Fit – Workout Anywhere Anytime

CKM FIT balance and body weight exercises enable you to train in the comfort of your own home or backyard, public park or beach, hotel room, or wherever else your lifestyle takes you. It is a system that has taken the excuses and frustrations of time and place out of the fitness equation.

CKM FIT capitalizes on the convenience and versatility of specialized training equipment and environmental objects to maximize fitness returns. It incorporates mobile training equipment like kettle bells and sandbags into the mix while turning ordinary objects such as trees, tables, chairs, rocks, tires, sledge hammers, ropes, and most anything else you can imagine into effective products of exercise. Your options are endless with CKM FIT! Train alone or with a partner exploring a multitude of exercises that can be performed anywhere your imagination takes you. Turn “date night” with your significant other into a fun workout to remember, or a camping trip with friends into an extreme weekend training event. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself…indoors or outdoors…by yourself or with a partner…CKM FIT will open your eyes to new training adventures everywhere you look.

Unlock your true potential and exclaim…“The World is YOUR Training Ground with CKM FIT”!!!

Now You Can Learn our CKM Fit Program

Here’s how to get started

Become a CKM Fit Instructor at Commando Krav Maga Bootcamp

The Elite Combat Fitness Certified (ECF) Instructor course is a three intensive days (@10hrs/day) course for men & woman (ages 18 and up) which will help you achieve the success you want as a certified trainer!

As an ECF Instructor, you will have access to the most revolutionary and exciting Fitness training methodology in the world. You can train indoors, outdoors, with one person, two partners or even an entire class of students.

Get a prestigious Instructor diploma at the Elite Combat Fitness Certified Instructor course! Give yourself the competitive edge and offer your clients more than the average trainer. At the ECF Instructor course, you will be certified in Elite Combat Fitness Strength & Conditioning, you will have the tools to reshape your clients and your business. Get anyone into the best shape of their lives using ECF’s unique and proven training methods.

As Elite Combat Fitness is expanding worldwide, we are now looking for the right people with the right attitude to join our team. Become an Elite Combat Fitness Certified Instructor and be part of the growing success of Elite Combat Fitness!

CKM University Online

Learn on your own anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Purchase CKM Fit DVDs

Check out our store to purchase a DVD that is sure to get you in shape.

Find An Instructor

Connect with a certified Commando Krav Maga ECF Instructor near you.

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