CKM Military considered by many experts to be the most evolved and effective CQB hand to hand & tactical combat system.

CKM Military program founded by Moni Aizik, a former Commando of the Israeli Special Forces, and later evolved with Guillaume Vetier, an Ex TIER 1 Operator Level and CKM Elite Team Instructor.
CKM Military has been taught around the world to many unites including; the Israeli Army, U.S. Air Force, Canadian Special Forces, Jamaican Special Forces, and many more…

The CKM Military is a custom-tailored program designed specifically for each individual military unit. all tactics and techniques are designed based on the level of combat exposure that the unit may encounter in the field.

With its no-nonsense approach and straightforward practical moves, CKM Military prepares you to execute your mission effectively under the extreme pressure of any conflict.

CKM Military is the Ultimate reality-based system, engineered for the most brutal and vicious close quarter’s confrontations imaginable.

Combat Proven Techniques

CKM Military offers a broad spectrum of training and development services to government, military, law enforcement and commercial customers across the globe. Our dedicated Elite Instructors and training staff are skilled professionals with extensive military backgrounds. They have decades of experience serving with elite military and law enforcement specialized units to deliver a high quality hands-on performance.

CKM Military is designed to be simple and universal so you do not have to think about your next move under stress but simply react instead. Although the tactics and techniques are simple to perform, it took years of research and field-testing to refine and evolve the CKM Military program to where it is today.

Techniques & Tactics – Level 1

The goal of the CKM Military training program is to be field ready in the shortest amount of time possible while providing solid solutions to real-world military scenarios. All the tactics and techniques in the program have been tested to be effective for a wide range of body types and strengths to ensure that our heroes have a better chance to return home safe when their work is done.

  • Controlling Tango (without eliminating him)  by one operator and leading him to custody.
  • Controlling Tango (without eliminating him) by a group of operators and leading him to custody.
  • Gun retention – What to do when someone tries to take your weapon (Long or short gun, holster/sling or in hands).
  • Gun Disarming (handguns and long guns) / in a crowded area – without hurting innocents civilians / from distance (arm reach) / all directions.
  • Knife Disarming – Empty hands against a knife.
  • Knife to Knife – Using your own knife to defend against a knife attack.
  • A quick way to eliminate a Tango in several ways.
  • Knife to Knife – Using your knife to defend a knife attack

  • Baton Control.
  • Emergency Rescue Tactics
  • Tactical Maneuver Procedure.
  • Chronological Shooting Procedure.
  • Post Elimination Procedure.
  • Angle Maneuvering.
  • Photoshoot & Flash Maneuver.
  • Rooms Entry Procedure.
  • Prisoner Captive Procedure.
  • Essential Communication Procedure.
  • Stairs Maneuvering.
  • Advance Room Entry & Clearing.
  • Long & Short Guns Shooting drills.
  • And much more…

Now Your Military Unit Can Learn CKM

Here’s how to get started

CKM MILITARY Customized Training

CKM Military Training are custom developed around the unique requirements of your unit based on your missions, capabilities, equipment  & budget. To schedule a training for your unit, contact us today.

CKM MILITARY Essential Bootcamp

This extremely intense training is a 4 day event of 12 – 15 hours daily (60 hours) to become an Instructor or for self Improvement.
Designed for Active and Ex-Military/Special forces, Law Enforcement and Commando
Krav Maga Instructors.

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