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Smart Safe - CKM Woman

A breakthrough system that empowers and protects women all over the world

The Ultimate Women’s Self-Defense System

One out of every three women are likely to be a victim of violence.

Smart Safe is for every woman regardless of age, size or shape. In Smart Safe you will tap into your emotions to engage yourself and others. Research shows that when your emotions are engaged, the learning experience is enhanced and the impact is greater. Build your self-confidence with realistic techniques, case studies, drills and group discussions.

Smart safe merges situational awareness with prevention tactics that gives you the ability to handle any violent confrontation.

Whether you want to feel safe or to teach women how to protect themselves Smart Safe is for you.

How to Learn Smart Safe

Online Training

University Online

Get instant access to start learning RIGHT NOW!

Immersive Training

Attend a 4-Day Bootcamp

The fastest way to learn an amazing skill.

Local Training

Find an Instructor

Certified Instructors available EVERYWHERE!

Techniques & Tactics

Smart Safe techniques are easy to learn, simple to preform and require very little physical strength. This is the most comprehensive reality based self defense program in the world for women!
  • Comprehensive Survival Skills
  • Situational Awareness Mindset
  • Fear Psychology
  • Sexual Assault Scenarios
  • Kidnapping Attempts
  • Car Jacking
  • Home Invasion
  • Gun Disarming
  • Vicious Knife Threats
  • Violent Strangulation
  • Ground Survival
  • Striking Scenarios
  • Pressure Points
  • Violent Headlocks
  • Surprise Attacks
  • Escape from Unexpected
  • Street-Holds
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Pre and Post Confrontation Tactics
  • Extreme Conflict Mindset…
  • The Never Give Up Attitude!

Smart Safe is for Every Woman…

  • Women from ages 12 – 80
  • Women of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels
  • Women with or without martial arts experience
  • Women that have never been attacked
  • Women who have survived an attack
Smart safe has empowered women just like you to realize that they do not have to live in fear of physical or mental violence.
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