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The Ultimate Set - 14 DVDs
 Regular Price: $455.00
 NOW FOR ONLY:$349.95
 You Save$105.05


Regular Price: $455, Now Only $349.95

(Total 14 DVDs over 20 hours)








· Commando Krav Maga (Vol.1-5)
· Survive Vicious Ground Attacks (Vol.1&2)
· Survive Any Gun Confrontation (Vol. 1&2)

· Best Of The Israeli Fighting Systems (Vol. 1&2)
· Military Krav Maga (One Vol.)
· Street Survival (One Vol.)
· Combatant (One Vol.)


THE ULTIMATE SET- gives you a GREAT VALUE for your money. With this complete up to date library you will have 14 DVDs containing over 20 hours of high quality instruction and hundreds of devastating techniques. From dealing with strikers, grapplers, attacks with guns, knives and bats to multiple and surprise attacks be prepared for any life-threatening scenario!
You will get ALL of these:  Commando Krav Maga (Levels 1-5), the Best of the Israeli Fighting Systems, Survive Vicious Ground Attacks, Survive Any Gun Confrontation, Street Survival and Combatant.


DVD Content:

COMMANDO KRAV MAGA LEVELS 1-5 (5 DVDs) guides you through each Commando Krav Maga level in fine detail whilst covering a wealth of explosive and effective techniques including: Gun disarming, close quarter combat for the street, defence against edge weapons & violent strangles, control techniques, Israeli ground survival,  fast and brutal striking scenarios, pressure points, escape from violent headlocks, defend against baseball bat attack, clinch defense, surviving surprise attacks at night, blade attack & defense, explosive take down, how to finish a striker, escape from vicious street-holds , Control techniques, commando training tips that can save your life and much more!


SURVIVE VICIOUS GROUND ATTACKS (2 DVDs) gives you comprehensive and essential Commando Krav Maga techniques to save you if you get taken to the ground, covering over 100 brutally realistic scenarios including
Standing defense from attackers trying to take you down
Defense against a standing attacker from the ground
What to do against someone punching you when you’re on your back
Defense against brutal chokes from the ground
Escapes from vicious headlocks
Defending yourself against  grapplers using submission techniques
Common mistakes and dangers when taken to the ground
Many more techniques that can save your life


SURVIVE ANY GUN CONFRONTATION (2 DVDs) gives you over 120 of the most highly evolved disarming techniques for use when faced with handguns or rifles. 
Gun reversals techniques including quick release and controlled release strategies
Quick reversals against a gangster grip
Gun defense and reversal when the attacker is behind you
Disarming attackers whilst in the execution position
Gun reversals from the hostage position
What to do against aggressive hold-ups
Rifle disarming techniques
Deadly gun disarming mistakes
Practical training methods to best prepare you for real-life scenarios
Many additional techniques that can save your life


THE BEST OF THE ISRAELI FIGHTING SYSTEMS (2 DVDs) brings together for the FIRST TIME, 4 of the top Israeli combat instructors in a LIVE TRAINING SERIES:
Moni Aizik- Commando Krav Maga
Avi Nardia & Uri Kaffe -Kapap&Lotar
Albert Timen-Israeli Tactical Shooting Expert
This series was filmed live at an advanced training seminar held in Estes Park, Colorado for police, military and Krav Maga instructors! The seminar covered highly effective techniques in Commando Krav Maga, Kapap, Lotar as well as knife fighting and Israeli Point Shooting.



MILITARY KRAV MAGA - Features some of the best techniques from Lotar, Kapap and Krav Maga, among others. Learn how to confront and survive potential disasters such as grips, holds and strangulations, knife threats and attacks from multiple positions, ground fighting and threats using hand guns. Also shown are the most commonly committed errors when facing these threats, learn these now not later! This is a complete arsenal of fast and highly effective techniques that has been combat proven by elite commandos and SWAT teams in Israel and around the world.


Street Survival- On the street, you’re all you’ve got . This DVD provides the fastest solution WHEN being attacked on the street with guns, knives punches, holds and ground survival. This DVD offers you an option. The option of survival. You will gain confidence and walk taller down the road less traveled. Be your own Guardian Angel. This DVD will help you build a suit of armour for the 21st Century urban battlefield.

Combatant- 4 Masters, 4 Life THREATS Situations. The Combatant DVD contains an objective look at 4 different approaches to self defense by 4 Masters of the martial arts. If you are interested learning the martial arts or self defense but don't know which art to study then buy Combatant Extreme Self Defense. If you are an experienced martial artist, you'll want to see how each art handles the same situations differently and WHY. These arts are very popular arts for cross training and are known as being focused on the street. Four Masters of some most street effective martial arts show you their different theories and techniques on defending yourself from common attacks.


GREAT VALUE - 14 DVDs, Less than $23 per DVD (regular DVD price $46.95 )





These DVDs are essential for beginners and a must for professional! 

This is the best value for your money!!!


The is the BEST No-Nonsense Reality-Based Self-Defense DVDs available!
Street proof yourself today by ORDERING NOW  

The Complete Set includes: Full Motion Chapter Menus for Quick and Easy Referencing and Navigation. Original Soundtrack, High Quality Picture and Sound, Code Free - will play in any country and multiple camera angles so no detail is missed!


  Read the Reviews:



Jason Panick-KO-REVIEWS
Your #1 Source For Martial Arts Product Reviews!
Survive Vicious Ground Attacks (Volumes 1&2) Survive Any Gun Confrontation (Volumes 1&2) by Moni Aizik FIVE STARS

Wow, what a great set by Moni Aizik! 

The ground survival discs really touched on an area VERY neglected in today's ground fighting world...real world self-defense.  Sure, we have millions on DVD's on sport grappling with and without the gi.  We even have tons of MMA related ground fighting discs.  And to be honest, there are quiet a few terrible "ground fighting self-defense" instructional put out by guys not qualified be teaching anything having to do with ground fighting.   But Moni Aizik has saved the day and put out a set that will actually appeal to serious sport fighters AND self-defense nuts who normally think ground fighting is the last thing they need.

Moni gives judo/BJJ based positions and techniques but has supercharged them with brutal escapes, submissions, reversals and strikes.  I was really happy with this set and would recommend it across the board to sport ground fighters, MMA fighters, self-defense enthusiasts and just normal everyday guys.  Moni has done it again.

His gun defense DVD's were also excellent.  Moni Aizik does deliver a five star DVD that will really help you a lot.  As usual with all of Moni Aizik's material, you get TONS of detail that others gloss over.  If you REALLY want an exhaustive study of gun disarms, there is only one set on the market that delivers, and that's Moni Aizik's new set.




Review  ***** WR-Real Fighting founder/Publisher

"Superior instructional DVDs, rating EXCELLENT!!! This is one of the best produced Realities Based DVDs ever! Regardless of your style, Essential for beginners A MUST for professionals!! Prevail in any No Rules Fight!”
-WR-Real Fighting founder/Publisher

Review  By: John F. Castillo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor

Moni Aizik Combat Survival DVD's Volumes 1-5 are FANTASTIC!

When I received and watched the first copies of Moni Aizik's Combat Survival DVD's, Volume's 1 & 2, I found everything that Moni showed on his DVD's street applicable. So I decided to go to Toronto Canada for his instructor’s course, a very good decision indeed, one that I am glad I did. And I figured the techniques for the next part of the course will probably be better if not just as good as what I saw on the first DVD's.

Well at the instructor's course we covered everything on the DVD's, in greater detail and additional techniques that were very good.

Be that as it may, I just got the opportunity to sit down and start looking at Moni Aizik New Combat Survival DVD's, Volumes 3, 4 and 5. And let me tell you, they are FANTASTIC, Moni has totally out did himself on these DVD's!!

The DVD's include new techniques dealing with street altercations, and as I sat and watched them, I was reminded just how realistic Moni's training is. I sat and watched the expressions on the faces of those who he performed the techniques on, and was reminded of how we trained when I was in Toronto for the instructor's course and how effective the techniques are.

Moni Aizik is now showing us the reality based self-defense system of Combat Survival or Commando Krav Maga that we have been yearning for deep down in our souls. Here to make our lives allot safer.

As a BJJ instructor, my self-defense aspect has taken on a whole new perspective because of Moni Aizik, Thank You Moni, Combat Survival is definitely taking the Number 1 Spot, when it comes to Reality Fighting Systems.

John F. Castillo,
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu of Wichita Kansas


Review  by Drew & Carol Cassidy, Military Police Instructors

WOW, it is great!  The material is awesome.  Since my wife and I were both Military Police Instructors for 5 years, teaching Unarmed Self-Defense, weapons, law enforcement classes, the content is unparralled.   We just wanted to let you all know it is an awesome video and we are applying techniques for our deployment to Aghanistan, and we we return we will be attending a seminar somewhere in the world.  Thanks for all of your help.


Very Respectfully,

Drew & Carol Cassidy



REVIEW by Brian F. Mathews, Deputy Sheriff
Greetings Moni, it is a great honor for me to be able to sit here and type you this letter, my name is Brian Mathews, we spoke over the telephone over a year ago when I decided to make one of the wisest investments of my life when I purchased volumes 1-5 of Combat Survival.  In the time since I first received those DVD's I have been hooked to Combat Survival absorbing as much as I can like a sponge.
         I have shared many of your techniques with my co-workers, I decided then to develop a commando program of my own with intense physical training regimines and by practicing Combat Survival Commando Krav Maga.  I want to say that you have been such a great influence on me and my life both personally and professionally, and a role model I can say I am proud to look up to.  I want to thank you again for creating such a remarkable system that can teach decent law abiding citizens of the world to defend themselves from the evils of society.  
    Again I wish to thank you for being such a positive influence aplease give my best to all the members of your organization.

Respectfully Submitted,
Brian F. Mathews
Deputy Sheriff
Spalding County Sheriff's Dept.
Criminal Warrant Division     
Griffin Ga   USA                        



Great Job!

Dear Sir,
I just received my 1-5 volume DVD set yesterday and wanted to tell you what a great job you did on presenting the information.
As a career military man (30 years in the US Marines) and one of the leading proponents of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMMP) before I retired as the senior enlisted Marine here in the Pacific and in Marines Central Command I can tell you this type of realistic no nonsense training has been a long time coming both in the service and in civilian life.
Just yesterday in the wake of the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech a young women came to our school looking to train in the Martial arts. I have to be honest with you I could not bring myself to show her any of the techniques my system teaches. I did however show her the simple escape I had picked up from the volume 1 front choke I had just viewed before coming to class.
I am very seriously considering coming to one of your Instructor Courses and getting certified in your system to teach it here in Hawaii. People want to know how to protect themselves and their loved ones, frankly they are not getting that at any of the traditional schools that teach the martial arts.
Again well done

Very Respectfully
Robert W. Holub
Sergeant Major USMC (ret)



Dear Sir. I am a content customer who received the complete twelve DVD Set a few weeks ago (just one week after ordering). I must say I was Very impressed by the material as well as the clear and easy to Understand way that it was presented. I have been practicing many of the Technical solutions you present in the combat survival curriculum with some of my senior students with the result that we are arranging to meet Regularly to train in the techniques. I was especially impressed with the Ground survival series. This is an area where a lot of instructors Including my self have a lot to learn. From what i have seen your system is far better Than any others Israeli systems have to offer. You may say that i instantly fell for Your program and look forward to learn more.


Ken-Thomas Kvael.

p.s. I am a Thirty one year old, second degree Taekwon-Do black belt living in the North of Norway. I also teach Wing chun kung fu.


Review  By Brian Rauchbach,President Lotar International


After watching your DVD's I do have to say that they are the most well developed and innovative within the Israeli Martial arts industry at this time. I am very impressed with how the techniques are easy to apply and obviously effective. As the President of LOTAR here in the US I am I am very proud to be linked to your organization and I think that your idea's and techniques are ahead of the industry. It is obvious by your instruction and explanation of each technique that the techniques come from years of not only martial arts experience but also form real world operational experience. I have shared your DVD's with some of the other special operations personnel and law enforcement that work with and for me and they also agree with my conclusions and observations. I know that you will keep an open and innovative mind and that is what will always keep you head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I look forward to more to come....

Thank You,

Brian Rauchbach
Lotar International




Brian H, Colorado

Humility and mastery – the combination is astounding. These two characteristics struck me the most when I attended the November 4-6 2005 Winter Camp in Estes Park, Colorado. It is profound to train with people who have mastered their particular arena, yet who remain humble and approachable. The instructors did everything possible to answer questions and respond to the different levels of experience each student had.

The Israeli martial arts were created out of necessity. It is consistently evolving. It is street tested. This martial art is adapting to the changing environment in the most unsettled region in the world. These qualities are what first attracted me to it.

Tragically, the terrorist attack of 9/11 in the United States has altered our society. On a personal level, it has brought an understanding that we are vulnerable to hate. I am interested in learning what I can to protect myself and my family from potential terrorist activity in addition to common crime. America may already be growing lax and will forget the danger. It is at that point when we let our guard down that we may be attacked again. This martial art allows us to explore the possibility of prevention. The more we understand about defending ourselves the more likely we will prevent future tragedy. Who better to learn these things from than from the Israeli experts who have been exposed to tragedy for so long? They have developed the most effective systems in the world for dealing with real conflict.

I consider myself fortunate to have participated in the Winter Camp. Estes Park was an ideal location, both for the beauty and for the high altitude training. The four instructors, Avi, Albert, Moni, and Uri are masters of their art. Avi’s instruction on gun retention and gun control, Uri’s instruction on realistic knife fighting, Moni’s instruction on hand-to-hand combat, and Albert’s instruction on the basics of Israeli Point Shooting were a rounded example of this martial art. While intense and packed with energetic instruction, the weekend was only an example of what there is to learn. I can honestly say that I dreamed about the things I learned each night!

I’ve been learning Krav Maga for years. I am not an expert by any means. I never felt anything in the seminar was beyond my ability to learn. The other students I practice with are all excited to continue to work on the techniques we worked on in the seminar. We are all hungry for more!

Brian H, Colorado





7 Nov 05

From: Lieutenant Commander Joseph S. John Jr., United States Navy


1. It is an individual pleasure to present a letter of support and recommendation covering the events of 4 – 6 November.

2. As a career United States Naval Officer I have traveled a great deal. In official and unofficial capacities I’ve been blessed with the unique opportunity of searching out and training in a number of traditional, non-traditional, and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) self defense systems with a number of extremely knowledgeable/lethal individuals.

3. This past weekend in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado enthusiasts were treated to a weekend featuring four of the most well respected experts in self defense today: Major Avi Nardia, Master Moni Aizik, Sgt. Uri Kaffe and Mr. Albert Timen. Each of these four gentlemen brought an immense proportion of real world experience, teaching talent, and levity which enhanced the learning experience for students of all levels and disciplines. When many individuals in the self defense arena are jockeying for economic status, or lobbying for the next black belt, these four individuals have held fast to a position of sharing the arts that they hold dear for no other reason than it being their personal passion in life.

4. As an enduring student of reality based self defense, there are a handful of seminars worth spending the money and time to attend. Without hesitation I HIGHLY encourage SERIOUS students to make this seminar part of their plans for the upcoming year. You will NOT be disappointed!

Joseph S. John Jr.





Hi Moni,

I wanted to write and thank you personally for coming down to train us this weekend. I had a great time up there and found your knowledge and instruction technique to be excellent. The material you taught is similar in nature to what we learn in "our" Krav Maga - yet the knife defenses and gun defenses were MUCH BETTER in my opinion!!!

Look forward to training with you again.

All the best,

Ori Staub
My name is Alvaro Ubeda, I´m the self defense instructor of Carlos Orue, who purchase the combat survival DVD´s for my advise.
We are really satisfied with the purchase of this material, I never see before nothing SO realistic and effective self defense system  like presented by master Moni.
I usually travel to miami to  small seminars in Krav MAga and jujitsu but I never saw a system like this.
Congratulations for your excellent work, I´ll be recommending your site to other students interested in self defense programs in near future.
Best Regards,
Alvaro Ubeda
Taekwondo 3rd Degree Black Belt
Self defense and police instructor




I just purchase Commando krav maga Dvds and am currently watching them. I am very impressed by the techniques. I am currently taking krav maga for the last six years and enjoy it. I wish I would of known of commando krav maga at that time. It was the closest reality street self defense I could find. The system of knife defense in the Krav system that I was taught, I always knew was lacking, because you never had real control over the blade. And I am completely sold on your gun techniques. (Full Proof methods)

Krav Maga
San Jose, California


This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 06 May, 2007.
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