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Super Kid Bootcamp

Super Kid Bootcamp

The CKM Super Kid Bootcamp is for men & women who wants to teach kids, & for parents that want to share this valuable knowledge with their kids.

Stop Bullies & Predators

The CKM Super Kid program was created by the Founder & Chief instructor Moni Aizik.  The CKM Super Kid Bootcamp is a comprehensive program designed to equip men and women with certification and the necessary tools to teach kids about self-defense, anti-bullying, and anti-predator techniques. This program is also ideal for parents who want to share these invaluable skills with their children.

Childhood should be a time of happiness and innocence, but unfortunately, bullying and predatory behavior can steal this away from kids. The CKM Super Kid program provides children with effective means to protect themselves against bullies without resorting to violence that could lead to negative consequences. Additionally, the program teaches children how to recognize the tell-tale signs of potential predators and how to effectively disengage and escape to safety.

About the CKM SUPER KID:

The CKM Super Kid program is based on eight levels for children. the Super kid program provides children with progress rewarded every five weeks. The program includes school-friendly anti-bullying techniques and tactics, realistic and effective techniques against child predators, abduction defense from different restraints such as ropes, zip ties, and duct tape, prevention, and awareness skills, and a solid foundation in real self-defense, striking, and grappling. Other benefits of the program include valuable leadership qualities, increased focus, self-discipline, respect, balance, speed, coordination, and agility, as well as the opportunity to build self-confidence and a strong mind in a strong body. Every class includes “Champion Chats” where kids learn about real-life skills and how to apply them in everyday situations.The CKM Super Kid program is dynamic and educational, with children experiencing many potential real-life scenarios so they can recognize and avoid potential lures by child predators. Children are also taught how to engage and disengage as quickly as possible to escape to safety.

If you love kids and want to make this world a safer place for children, the CKM Super Kid Bootcamp is for you. Over the course of three days, you’ll learn how to teach children through techniques, tactics, and interactive games. You’ll also gain the knowledge and skills necessary to help children deal effectively with bullies and predators.

In conclusion, the CKM Super Kid Bootcamp is an excellent program for men and women who want to teach kids valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives. Whether you’re a parent or a martial arts instructor, this program provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to make a positive impact on children’s lives.

The CKM Super Kid comprehensive program includes 8 Levels for the children (and 8 levels for the instructors). It is a 4 years program that gives the kids 2 levels each year. All Bootcamp participants will be certified for two levels and get a complete manual of classes plan for a full year.

Super Kid Instructor Bootcamp

The CKM Super Kid Bootcamp is for men & women who wants to teach kids, & for parents that want to share this valuable knowledge with their kids.

Over the course of four days, you’ll learn how to teach the children through techniques, tactic “champion chats” and interactive games, how to deal effectively with bullies & predators.  

ABCs of Bootcamp

Step 1


Choose a bootcamp near you (at the bottom of this page) and apply online, we  will contact you for a personal interview with our Chief Instructor, Moni Aizik.

Step 2


Attend the Bootcamp you registered for and get an instant tool to protect yourself and your loved ones!

Step 3

Continue Learning

Keep developing your skills and knowledge by enrolling in one of our Online Universities.

Now on Special!

During three days of 10 hour daily training (total 30 hours) you will receive very professional teaching from the Founder & Chief Instructor Moni Aizik or his Elite Team Instructor that will give you the necessary tools to teach the CKM super kid program for children.

Our regular Bootcamp price was $1955.00, however as part of our special promotion the Bootcamp price now is only $890 US dollars! 

Our regular bootcamp price was $1955.00, however as part of our special promotion the Bootcamp price now is only $890 US dollars! That breaks down to only $18 an hour for this training, which adds up to an incredible value.

Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or bank transfer. The balance must be paid in full before attending the camp.

The CKM Super Kid is a modern and revolutionary system to teach to-day’s kids.

The system is a fusion of realistic and effective techniques against the two major threats kids face today, bullies & predators.
The anti-bully techniques are all school-friendly and based on proper tactics.

As for predators the kids learn prevention and awareness skills to avoid, abductions and more…

Super Kid also builds all the values that the kids will get training with traditional martial art, including: focus, self-discipline and respect.

With the growing demand for reality-based self-defense for kids, CKM Super Kid empowers kids all over the world. With its no-nonsense, practical and evolved approach, CKM Super Kid is quickly spreading over the globe in several continents. The CKM Super Kid system is based on simplicity and effectiveness with a logical progression from level to level. CKM Super Kid caters to the needs of kids and helps them to realize that they do not have to live in fear of physical or mental violence. Not only will they be able to defend themselves in dangerous situations, they will also get into much better shape physically & mentally. This bootcamp is excellent for men, women and parents that wants to teach kids how to de-fend themselves quickly & effectively.

Most participants are between 25 and 60 years old. However the minimum age required to attend bootcamp is 18 (for self-improvement).

Absolutely, many parents take this bootcamp for self-improvement so they can teach their own kids and bond with them.

The Bootcamp experience is 10-12 hours daily–with video presentations, lecture, drills and techniques.

CKM Super Kid bootcamp is for every man, woman or parent regardless of shape, size or fitness level.

People who joined us come from all walks of life with or without prior Krav Maga or martial arts experience. It is most important that participants come with an open mind and are ready to adapt to new concepts and principles. It is equally important that new instructors are passionate about teaching/mentoring kids

CKM Super Kid is a system based upon simplicity and effectiveness. The techniques taught at the bootcamp must be thoroughly practiced in order to maintain your skill and knowledge. We prepare a complete online CKM Super Kid program that will allow you to train all the techniques you learned properly prior to teaching each class.

  1. Theory test (Multiple-choice exam from all the Champion chats, methods of teaching & games taught at the bootcamp).
  2. Dynamic break falls levels 1&2.
  3. Effectively conduct a short CKM Super Kid class
  4. Demonstration of all Level 1&2 techniques (right and left) chosen at random by the instructor.
  5. Ability to react effectively to random surprise attacks for 7 minutes on equal or larger size attackers.
You will be welcomed to join any other CKM Super Kid bootcamps worldwide, at no cost, and retake the test.

Absolutely! Many parents take this bootcamp for self-improvement so they can teach their own kids and bond with them.

The CKM Super Kid program include 8 levels for the children, at your first bootcamp you will learn the first levels 1&2 which includes 54 techniques & tactics and 41 games. It will take you between a year and half to two years to teach these 2 levels including rewards based on progression.

Our entire system is based on quality control. Certified instructors are asked to maintain and improve upon their CKM Super Kid skills and one of the best tool is CKM Super Kid University Online, which will allow them to review all the fine details of the techniques prior to training and teaching. Because of this, the only requirement is to be part of the CKM University Online (as low as $35 a month), other then that there are no licensing fees, grading fees or any other hidden fees.

Accommodations are not included in the Bootcamp price.

Normally there are many hotels/other accommodation near the training facility with affordable prices.

Participants are encouraged to make plans to arrive the day before Bootcamp begins and check out the day after to ensure that you are fully rested and prepared.

No worries! If you can’t attend for any reason, you will have one year to reschedule, free of charge, to any of our other CKM Super Kid worldwide bootcamps.

If you want to become a CKM Super Kid instructor and to teach kids to be safe, this bootcamp is for you.

If you are a parent, who wants to mentor and bond with your kids, this bootcamp is for you.

Become a certified Super Kid Instructor or take it for self-improvement.

Super Kid Instructor Bootcamp Dates & Locations

Date/Duration Location and Levels
12/04/2023 – 12/06/2023
3 days
CKM Super Kid Bootcamp – APPLY NOW!
CURACAO, Wiliemstad

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