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Modern Self-Defense Against Bullies & Predators

Preparing Kids to Protect Themselves

Kids face dangers from peer-aged bullies as well as from adult predators intent on hurting them.

The CKM Super Kid program is the first system to give children the means to protect themselves against bullies with techniques that are School Friendly. No parent wants to see their child suspended from school due to fighting. The CKM Super Kid approach of minimum force with maximum results teaches children to effectively deal with bullies without negative repercussions!

There are many types of child predators in this world, from strangers to someone your child may trust. Children can be a potential target if they don’t know the tell-tale signs. The CKM Super Kid program gives your child powerful knowledge and teaches them how to stop predators before it’s too late.

Learn the CKM Super kid to become a certified instructor or as a parent, to mentor and bond with your kids.

Help protect the next generation with CKM Super Kid!

How to Learn CKM Super Kid

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