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Super Kid – Core Level 1 – What’s inside

Super Kid Core Level 1

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All the techniques in this video are Commando Krav Maga-CKM techniques.
You can learn them and many more on CKM University Online, Bootcamps, or with a certified CKM instructor!
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Super Kid Core Level 1 Include

Name Game (great way to introduce everyone to each other). The Color Game. The Balance Pull (2 Children). The Sitting Back to Back Pull (2 Children) The Lasso (group of 3)
The Step On (2 Children). The Butt/Leg Slap (2 Children). The Pirates of The Caribbean. Musical Pads (cones, etc.). The Hunters game (3 children). The Push (2 Children). The Elephant Walk (2 groups). The Leader. The Inch Worm (2 groups). Hospital Tags. Chase the Tail. The Zombie Dog. The Mirror Game (No sound/with sound). The Blind Monster (pairs). The Blind Monk Warrior.

Once you completed your purchase, you can view it as many times as you wish.you can access all lessons, classes, and extras in your package

Yes! University Online designed for any man or woman with or without prior experience, one of the core concepts of CKM is “Simplicity is Genius”. Any technique that requires more than two gross motor skills is extremely difficult to perform under stress. Most of the tactics & techniques were designed to be simple and universal so that you don’t have to think about the move under stress. They work regardless of the direction you are attacked from as well as the size of the attacker.

Once you understand the key concepts and apply them along with CKM no-nonsense street tactics, you have a much greater chance for survival.

Now you have the opportunity to learn in an interactive environment through high tech video streaming and communications directly with CKM Founder & Chief Instructor, Moni Aizik, and Elite Team Instructors, in the comfort of your own home.

Commando Krav Maga (all programs) is the fastest growing reality based system in the world, we have members in more than 40 countries.

People who joined us come from all walks of life with or without prior krav maga or martial arts experience.

We have members that are black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, MMA fighters, black belts in various martial arts, police officers, military personnel & law enforcement as well as people that never done any martial arts (doctors, lawyers, teachers and many more) that want to protect themselves and their loved ones. Our youngest members are 6 (SuperKid) years old and our oldest member are 75 years old. Men, women, old, young, beginners and veterans they are all a part of our community.

Our Digital or On Demand gives you INSTANT access to your video anytime, anyplace, so if you’re looking to learn and improve immediately, this is for you. To stream your video purchases from our website a good internet connection is required.
Any device. Desktop, laptop or Mobile that supports HTML5 Video is capable of using University Online! Most devices or tablets are 100% compatible.

The 29 CKM Combat and Fitness DVDs collection are a fantastic collection of the evolution through the years of Commando Krav Maga techniques and tactics
as well you will get our Elite Combat Fitness program that will help you to get to the best shape of your life. From beginner to advance you will learn solo and partners indoor and outdoor exercise to become combat fit!
The University Online is a methodical and structured training system that will help you to improve your combat skill so you can quickly protect yourself and your loved ones!

The first thing to do is to become familiar with the CKM university Online by watching the lessons and taking notes. After that, you will need to find a training partner in your community, it could be a friend or a family member who are willing to train and advance with you.

When training with a family member or a friend, you do not need to enroll to the University Online more than once.
The only restriction is that multiple users cannot log in to a single account at the same time. If we notice excessive attempts at simultaneous logins on a single account, we will suspect that the password is being shared, and the account will be terminated.

No. By becoming a member you guarantee the price in which you signed up for as the one for the duration of your membership. Even if we do raise prices in the future, your membership cost will remain the same as it was when you signed up.. for as long as you are a member with us.

Yes! All payment information is handled by PayPal. We don’t receive or store any credit card information from our University Online users.

Yes! University Online is designed for people who want to learn for their own self-improvement and or for people who want to become a certified instructor. If you choose to learn for self-improvement you can earn a student certificate according to the level achieved. If you choose to become a certified instructor you can learn on our University online and complete your training and testing in one of our worldwide Instructor Bootcamps

At each level in our system you can earn a student certificate. When you feel that you are ready we will refer you to a certified instructor in your area where you can be tested and earn a student certificate. In case their are no certified instructors in your area you can submit a detailed video (according to our specifications) with your performance directly to our headquarters.
*Test fee applies.

You have our team of experts on your side! For any question or training tip that you might need simply email us at info@commandokravmaga.comand, you should receive a qualified expert response within 24 hours.

As a certified instructor you should master the foundation levels according to our official curriculum, this will take you between 12-18 months training 2-3 times a week.

When you feel that you are ready, you can register to one of our world wide official bootcamps and you will go through a comprehensive testing of your techniques, tactics, break falls, teaching skills and surprise attacks at the end of the bootcamps.
*Test fee applies.

The lessons will remain in your library so long as you are have a life time access

University Online is an online subscription platform with streaming videos, we don’t allow the downloading of content. You can purchase videos through our online store, however that content isn’t the same as the lessons in the University Online.

Simply Email us to info@commandokravmaga.com , make sure to provide your full contact information including phone number and your specific request, we will contact you and set it up as a gift.

We provide an excellent service 7 days a week, contact us anything to info@commandokravmaga.com. We’re happy to help!

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