Total Officer Protection Bootcamp

Total Officer Protection Bootcamp

Techniques & Tactics

CKM Law Enforcement is considered by many experts to be the most evolved and effective hand-to-hand combat system, designed for law enforcement & security personnel. With an emphasis on control, restraint & close-quarter fighting,  TOP will give you the skills and knowledge to protect yourself and preserve the public peace while using the required amount of force to avoid liability.

  • Restraint & Control Tactics
  • Escorting Uncooperative Suspects
  • Handcuffing Techniques
  • Baton Tactics
  • Control & Search a Suspect
  • Putting Resistant Suspect in a Car
  • Weapon Retention
  • Handgun Disarming
  • Long Gun Disarming
  • Retrained and arrest tactics with and without the use of handcuffs
  • Vicious Knife Attacks
  • Ambush Knife Attacks
  • Ground Survival
  • Fast and Brutal Striking Scenarios
  • Escape from Unexpected Street-Holds
  • Break Falls
  • Pre/Post Confrontation Tactics
  • Situational Awareness
  • Fear Psychology
  • Extreme Conflict Mindset
  • and more…

CKM Law Enforcement program prepares law enforcement personnel on maintaining appropriate distance, restraint tactics and engaging in empty hand combat when necessary. The CKM techniques will give law enforcement officers the necessary tools to gain control of the situation when faced with unexpected vicious attacks.

TOP Bootcamp

Over the course of four, intensive days, you’ll learn in a safe environment the TOP – Law Enforcement comprehensive & modern curriculum, level – 1 with over 50 techniques & tactics including: restraint & control Tactics, escorting uncooperative suspects, handcuffing techniques, baton tactics, control & search a suspect, putting resistant suspect in a car, weapon retention, handgun disarming, long gun disarming, vicious knife attacks and more. You will get highly detailed instructions from the founder and chief instructor, Moni Aizik, or his professional CKM Elite/Core Team Instructors.

ABCs of Bootcamp

Step 1


Choose a bootcamp near you and apply online, we  will contact you for a personal interview with our Chief Instructor, Moni Aizik.

Step 2


Attend the Bootcamp you registered for and get an instant tool to protect yourself and your loved ones!

Step 3

Continue Learning

Keep developing your skills and knowledge by enrolling in one of our Online Universities.

Career Opportunities

Become a Certified Instructor

Become a TOP instructor and earn a prestigious official Diploma. Teach the fastest growing reality-based system in the world, help  save lives & increase your income! Teach part-time, full-time or private lessons.

Make good money doing what you love!

Example of Instructor teaching income:

25 Students x $100/mo = $2,500 monthly = $30,000 yearly
50 Students x $100/mo = $5,000 monthly = $60,000 yearly
100 Students x $100/mo = $10,000 monthly = $120,000 yearly

Estimate based on teaching part-time offering 2 classes per week.


  • World Recognized Certification
  • Prestigious Instructor’s Diploma
  • Comprehensive and modern curriculum
  • Rights to use our official name and logos
  • Ongoing technical, operational & marketing support
  • Free enhancement bootcamps for certified instructors!

Now on Special!

During four days of 10-12 hour daily training (total 40-48 hours) you will receive very professional teaching and go through a complete transformation that will prepare you to defend yourself and or to teach this valuable program!

Our regular Bootcamp price was $1955.00, however as part of our special promotion the Bootcamp price now is only $890 US dollars! That breaks down to only $18 an hour for this training, which adds up to an incredible value.

Our regular bootcamp price was $1955.00, however as part of our special promotion the Bootcamp price now is only $890 US dollars! That breaks down to only $18 an hour for this training, which adds up to an incredible value.

Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or bank transfer. The balance must be paid in full before attending the camp.

CKM Founder and Chief Instructor, Moni Aizik, has extensive experience and expertise in training Elite Commando Units and Law Enforcement Personnel from around the world to be highly effective and battle ready in the shortest amount of time. Moni designed the TOP Intensive Bootcamps with these same concepts, principles and unique training methodology. During the course, you will be transformed into a skillful and knowledgeable TOP instructor/self-improvement.

TOP will give you the skills & knowledge to protect yourself and preserve the public peace, while using the required amount of force to void liability. TOP is engineered for the most brutal & vicious street confrontations.

Most participants are between 25 and 60 years old. However the minimum age required to attend the TOP Bootcamp is 21.
Yes! Many women attend TOP Bootcamps! 
The Bootcamp experience is 10-12 hours daily.
As the course is physically and mentally demanding, it is highly recommended that you prepare yourself prior to attending Bootcamp. Bootcamp is focused mainly on techniques & tactics so your main challenge is to keep your concentration and stay mentally strong.

People who joined us come from all walks of life with or without prior krav maga or martial arts experience. It is most important that students come with an open mind and are ready to adapt to new concepts and principles. It is equally important that new instructors are passionate about passing their knowledge onto others.

TOP is a system based upon simplicity and effectiveness. The techniques taught at the Bootcamp must be thoroughly practiced in order to maintain your skill and knowledge. The first Intensive Instructor Bootcamp is for the foundation level. We prepare a complete online TOP program that will allow you to train all the techniques you learned properly with a partner of your choice.

  1. Dynamic breakfalls to weapon withdraw.
  2. Effectively conduct a short TOP LE class (Instructors only)
  3. Demonstration TOP LE techniques (right and left) chosen at random by the instructor.
  4. Perform the techniques in full speed while moving from station to station (in each station you will be attacked or control a suspect) for 7 minutes.

You will be welcomed to join any other TOP Bootcamps worldwide, at no cost, and retake the test.

Absolutely! Participants that successfully pass the intensive Bootcamp are not required to teach. Many policemen/security personnel take the Bootcamp for self-improvement.

Our entire system is based on quality control. only Certified TOP instructors are asked to maintain and improve upon their skills and one of the best tool is TOP University Online, which will allow them to review all the fine details of the techniques prior to training and teaching. Because of this, the only requirement is to be part of the TOP University Online (as low as $35 a month), other than that there are no licensing fees, grading fees or any other hidden fees.

Accommodations are not included in the Bootcamp price.

Normally there are many hotels/other accommodation near the training facility with affordable prices.

Participants are encouraged to make plans to arrive the day before Bootcamp begins and check out the day after to ensure that you are fully rested and prepared.

No worries! If you can’t attend for any reason, you will have one year to reschedule, free of charge, to any of our other TOP worldwide bootcamps.

TOP Bootcamp Dates & Locations

Date/Duration Location and Levels
06/05/2023 – 06/07/2023
3 days
T.O.P – Law Enforcement Bootcamp – APPLY NOW!
Netherlands, Ermelo
07/31/2023 – 08/02/2023
3 days
T.O.P – Law Enforcement Bootcamp – APPLY NOW!
Miami, Miami Florida

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